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When was the last time you did something that touched your soul?

Safari in East-Africa - Encountering wild animals in their natural habitat is among the most beautiful travel-experiences. Therefore a visit to at least one National Park should be in your itinerary during a trip to East Africa.

In 1997, Denis Moser opened his safari company with only one Unimog. The first game drive was with a visiting businessman from the automobile industry. The drive went to Tsavo West and Amboseli.

Then the first group of 11 American tourists followed, accompanied by Denis himself. They drove to Tsavo East and Denis lost his shoes on this tour. From then on he had to spend the entire safari without shoes. The Americans thought that was so "cool" so they copied him and all eleven drove without shoes. Six months later after the Americans were already back home, Denis was sent a package with brand new shoes which he wears till today.

Denis later on bought used land cruisers and added new routes to his tours.

Today, D.M. Tours & Safaris owns 16 brand-new Land cruisers, that all have a folding roof and space for five safari guests. The customized interior leaves enough leg room for all guests and every everyone is able to look out of roof and take beautiful photos of the unique variety of the Kenyan wildlife.

The company now drives more than 4,000 guests through 1.3 million kilometers of Kenyan roads a year. And bout 1,700 guests to the Masai Mara.

By the way, the very first customer still goes on safari with Denis every year.

Diani Cottages were built in 2010. These allow guests to relax after completing their safaris and enjoy a beach holiday in a pleasant atmosphere.

The 32 D. M.Tours & Safaris employees do everything in their power to try and fulfill every wish their clients might have. Feel free to contact them.